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SWEEP DUST EFFICIENTLY: The broom's flowered ends of nylon bristles effectively picks up hair, fine dust and dirt. STOP HURTING YOUR BACK: This upgraded dust pan has a long handle which allows you to stand upright for comfortable sweeping instead of bending over to clean and also to sweep dust from high places or deep corners. KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN: The dustpan's flexible rubber edge aligns closely to the floor to keep the dirt inside for less hassle. NO DUST LEFT UNDERNEATH: The lip on the dust pan long handled fits seamlessly to the ground, no dust or garbage would be left. It picks up everything, including the smallest particles, so you will finally save time cleaning - more time enjoying! COMPACT STAND-UP STORAGE: When not in used, the broom can be clipped to the dustpan handle. After that, you may hang the broom and dustpan on the wall via the hanging hole on the top of the handle.
BrandScotch Brite ColorGreens
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Polishes and protects all stainless steel surfaces in one step The spray clings to vertical surfaces and leaves a light, non-greasy film that resist fingerprints and marking Does not contain harmful chemicals and safe to use in food preparation areas Water based with a pleasant citrus fragrance An aerosol spray that cleans, polishes and restores a glossy sheen to stainless steel and other metal surfaces
Brand3M FeaturesNo rinse, Ready to use
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Kill germs on surfaces and objects. Sanitizes and disinfects hard to reach areas. No harmful chemicals, so it's safe for everyday use. Compatible with metal and plastic type of fog machines and nano spray guns. Effective at reducing air-bourne contaminants.
BrandAlta ScentUnscented
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A powerful enzyme concentrate that removes grit, grime and grease Suitable for use with utensils, equipment and surfaces such as floors, walls and table tops It also acts as a disinfectant and sanitizer It also has an insect repellant property that drives away and kills the eggs of roaches and flies Derived from natural ingredients making it environment friendly
BrandAlta Special featuresNon-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, Anti-Bacterial
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White coloring offers versatility. More absorbent than traditional paper napkins. Made out of soft, durable, absorbent, thick, 100% Virgin pulp. Ideal for table settings, buffet lines, catered events and more! Designed for away-from-home facilities such as, high-traffic commercial buildings, commercial kitchens, offices, restaurants, break rooms, schools and hotels.
BrandAlways Pure ColorWhites
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Provides long lasting skin protection from bacteria Keeps hands smelling fresh & clean  Gives Antibacterial protection for minor cuts and abrasions Kills 99.99% bacteria in second Serves as a First Aid Antiseptic agent
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Get Swept Away – Use your dust mop for hardwood floors, laminate, tile, and more! Whether you’re dry sweeping or damp mopping, it’s great for any type of flooring. Clean Up Nicely – The head of your floor dust mop is reusable—simply wash it on a regular basis Better Than a Broom – Your commercial mop was built to last and uses special cotton or nylon fibers to easily trap dirt. The Perfect Size – Our mops come in a size that suits to your space and can be use by everyone. Everyday, is clean up day - Clean your cotton mop head by hand with warm water, or pop the nylon mop head in the washing machine.
Size36-inches FeaturesMulti-floor dust mop, Surface-safe, Easy-to-wash
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Heavy Duty Industrial Mop  Premium Long Handle with screw-clamp  Super Absorbent  Cotton Mop Replaceable Mop  Head Suitable for Multi-surface
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Cleans and protects your home floors from disease-causing viruses and bacteria with the Domex Antibacterial Floor Tile Cleaner and Disinfectant  This antibacterial floor tile cleaner has an Anti-microbial system that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria based on lab tests  Disinfects and removes visible stains and dirt on your home floor tiles such as marble, vinyl, linoleum  The Domex antibacterial floor tile cleaner also offers long-lasting fragrance on floor areas that need cleaning and disinfecting  To keep bacteria and viruses at bay, always make sure that you have the Domex antibacterial floor tile cleaner at home
10X CLEANING POWER : Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus and destroys the toughest stains around your house. ULTRA THICK BLEACH : With 3x Longer protection versus thin bleach. LONG LASTING PROTECTION : You can be sure of your family’s health and safety as it effectively disinfects surfaces and eliminates disease-causing germs. EFFECTIVE STAIN CLEANER: Best used on toilets and surfaces with tough stains. TRUSTED BRAND:  Domex is trusted by the Philippine Public Health Association.
Dual Sides Efficient Cleaning : The green scrubbing layer can effectively remove stubborn stains like stains on the barbecue grill and the other yellow wood pulp layer also has strong decontamination ability, which makes your cleaning more efficient. Long-Lasting & Highly Absorbent: Our cleaning sponges are durable, and they can be reused for a long life and washed in the dishwasher, and not easy to break. Gap Cleaning : The yellow surface can be freely cut and used to help you easily remove the stubborn stains on the frame and the dust in the corner gaps and do not fall apart easily. Convenient to Store and Care: Rinse with water after every use, they will dry quickly and don't get smelly. It is recommended to replace it regularly to ensure the effective cleaning. Multi-purpose Cleaning: It is excellent for cleaning more than bowls, dishes, sinks, but also ideal for oven racks, stoves, garage, kitchen, bathroom and any household or outdoor cleaning.
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